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Department of Romance Languages

CRC 1252 Prominence in Language

Luxemburger Str. 299, Room 1.04
Tel: +49(0)-221-470-89903
E-Mail: d.romeroheredero(at)

Office hours: appointment by email


Academic positions
  • since March 2017: Associate researcher with Prof. Dr. Marco García García at the SFB 1252 Prominence in Language, B04.
  • since September 2017: Doctorate in Linguistics at the University of Cologne and the University of Alcala (Cotutela doctorate). Working title: Interaction of nominal and verbal features for Differential Object Marking in Spanish.
  • 2013-2014: M.Ed. in Teacher Training for Compulsory and Upper Secondary Education, Vocational Training and Foreign Language Teaching (specialization in Spanish Language and Literature ) in the University of Alcala.
  • 2009-2013: B.A. in Spanish Studies at the University of Alcala.


Presentations and Posters

  • Romero Heredero, Diego. 2019. Interacción entre aspecto léxico y marcador diferencial de objeto en español. Talk that will be presented at XLVIII Simposio de la SEL, CSIC. Madrid, January 2019.
  • Romero Heredero, Diego. 2018. Diachronic variation of the differential object marking in Spanish: the role of telicity. Talk presented at the Workshop on Differential Object Marking in Romance – towards microvariation. INalCO. Paris, November 2018.
  • Romero Heredero, Diego. 2018. Influence of telicity in DOM in Spanish. Poster presented at the 2nd Crete Summer School of Linguistics. University of Crete. Rethymno, July 2018.
  • Romero Heredero, Diego. 2018. La influencia de la telicidad en la expansión de la marca diferencial de objeto en español. Paper presented at Kolloquium: DOM in Spanish - diachronic change and synchronic variation. Zürich, June 2018.
  • Romero Heredero, Diego. 2017. Interaction of nominal and verbal features for DOM in Spanish. Talk presented at a.r.t.e.s. Kolloquium. Universität zu Köln. Köln, October 2017.
  • Leonetti, Manuel & Diego Romero. 2016. Pronombres tácitos frente a pronombres explícitos: gramática y procesamiento. Paper presented at CILG 2016: 12th International Conference on General Linguistics. Universidad de Alcalá, Alcalá de Henares, May 2016.

Organized workshops

Main research topics

  • Differential Object Marking
  • Morphosyntax-Semantics Interface
  • Verb Semantics


  • Advanced Seminar: La interfaz sintaxis-semántica. Winter Semester 2018/2019.